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Motorbike Frame

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    Firstly i just want to apologise if this is in the incorrect part of the forum.

    I'm designing and building a motorbike frame for my 3rd year project in Mechanical Engineering.

    I've started my research into finding the optimal geometry for the purpose of the frame, however I'm really struggling in finding how to calculate forces acting on the frame in static, dynamic and worst case scenario conditions. I was hoping someone else may have done a similar project and could point me in the right direction to gather the information required so I can actually start designing the frame on CAD!

    Any information I'd be eternally grateful,


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    Sounds like a fun and useful project! You will need FEA software to do the analyses you mention. What software do you have available for this?
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    I hope so! It's quite frustrating at the moment trying to find the relevant information. And yes I will doing both simulation and actually testing the frame once it's made to hopefully compare them. I'm using solidworks as thats what my university uses!
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