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Motorcycle frame design

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    hey guys i was wonering if anyone knew of a good book or website that talks about the forces on a motorcycle frame during cornering, braking, and accleration. I want to try to make my own frame design, but would like to know about how they can be made, so see how light i can make it.

    thanks brian
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    I will make it easy for you.
    Just look up Harley Davidson xr 750 frame.
    It won more races than any other motorcycle.

    Also Trackmaster racing frames.

    Many of the modern motorcycle frames look high tech but are a pain in the you know what.
    They look good and use the engine as a stressed member and that is maybe not such a good idea. Also access to the engine and intake system is a nightmare.

    I have been involved with motorcycles my entire life. I know a lot about it.

    The Norton featherbed frame was a breakthrough because it was a double loop cradle frame. It was easy to work on too.

    You can look up designing motorcycle frames on the internet and find many books about it.

    What is important about motorcyle frames is the rake and trail and wheelbase.
    Some frames allow changes to the rake and trail for long and short tracks.

    As usual the best frame is simple and the tubing is about .120 thickness. 1.25 inches in diameter.

    Fork design and swing arm design is another subject.
    Then there is the suspension discussion.

    Just look at motorcycles that have a good winning record and have been around a long time.

    A frame is designed with a particular purpose. First you need to know what the frame will be designed for.
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    Ranger Mike

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    donald bransc
    welcome Bro
    excellent advice..I don't dabble in two wheel stuff but know a pro when i meet one

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    I didn't look at the website mentioned above, but Tony Foale's book is excellent, you can learn alot by studying it. Unfortunately I think it is OOP now, and expensive in the used market. Well I just checked Amazon, looks like Foale has a new book out. It isn't cheep, either, but what can you do? If it is anything like the older book (1984) I'm sure it is good.
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