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Motorcycle Question #1

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    Motorcycle Question #1:

    Entering a sweeping right turn on a country road a little too hot, you have to lean your bike a lot to your right to negotiate the turn. During the turn you hear the right foot peg of your motorcycle start touching the road surface. You instinctively raise your body (to your left) away from the turn hoping to raise the bike away from the road surface. What will happen next?
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    You push down on the bike to raise yourself up. You go up a little, the bike goes down a little. Peg digs a gouge in the road and you go flying.

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    You go off the road as your turning circle has increased!

    You can do one of two things to rectify the situation:

    1) Get the throttle on (if it isn't already) and if it is, give it some more. This lifts the bike up on the suspension and increases ground clearance.

    2) Hang off the bike to the right, and move the bike up a little. Your overhanging mass keeps the turning circle tight, but removes the peg from the ground.

    Hope this helps
    Adrian Baker
    250cc Classic Racing Motorcycle Club Champion 2003!
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