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Motorola Phone Help

  1. Mar 7, 2004 #1
    My parents gave me this cell phone for emergencies, model T721 from Motorola.

    Since I had free MMode for about 1MB.

    I went to MMode to download a ring tone, or "tuchtone." I bought this: "Nuthin' But A G Thang." I downloaded it.

    After awhile, the song started playing, then I pressed something (I think it was menu, or back), since I got impatient.

    Then, I read in the book to find it in my "menus" since it is stored in my phone's HD. A lot of f*cking help that does, considering I have about a dozen menus to look through.

    I searched, and searched and got impatient again and couldn't find it.


    I can download it again, free of charge they said, which I did. The phone told me there was a server error, I went back and tried it again - same message.

    When I quit, the bytes were a lot higher meaning I downloaded something. So did the damn thing download or not!?

    Now, I can't find it. And I'm afraid to download it again since it may exceed my "free sample."

    Unless you can tell me where to look on my phone?
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