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Mount Ontake, Japan erupts

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    Mount Ontake in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, erupted abruptly while over two hundred people were on the summit.

    A hiker captures video of group overtaken by ash during Mt. Ontake volcano eruption. They were apparently pelted by rocks/pebbles.


    http://news.yahoo.com/volcano-erupts-japan-injuries-reported-053344700.html [Broken]


    No current activity report, but perhaps on Monday they will have some information.
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    Yikes that is scary! I assume the place is on lock down now?
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    I'm sorry that this message is pretentious.
    And I ask you to forgive my mistakes in English.

    Dear colleagues.

    Today has been human victims by the eruption of of a volcano.
    I tell you that there is a method of short-term earthquake prediction.
    This method can predict and the eruption of the volcano.
    I showed more than ten predictions to the expert.
    I enclose the letter of expert who recommends to continue working in this direction.

    I invite all who are engaged in methods of predicting earthquakes то unite their knowledge to create a global system of seismic safety.
    I appeal to the leaders with a request: "Remember that you must defend the people's lives."

    I tell that my technique has been successfully tested on real predictions of earthquakes.
    I suggest to use complex of methods, together with my technique in order that protect people's lives in seismic catastrophes.

    Alexandr Yagodin




    Уважаемые коллеги.

    Сегодня погибли люди из-за извержения вулкана.
    Я сообщаю вам, что существует метод кратковременного предсказания землетрясений.
    Этот метод может предсказывать и время извержения вулкана.
    Я продемонстрировал это эксперту более, чем на десяти предсказаниях.
    Я прикладываю письмо эксперта, который рекомендует продолжить работу в этом направлении.

    Я предлагаю всем, кто занимается методами предсказания землетрясений объединить свои знания в создании глобальной системы сейсмической безопасности.
    Я обращаюсь к ведущим руководителям с просьбой: "Помните, что вы должны защитить жизнь людей".

    Я сообщаю, что моя методика успешно прошла испытания на реальных предсказаниях землетрясений.
    Я предлагаю применить комплекс методов совместно с моей методикой для того, что защитить жизнь людей в сейсмических катастрофах.
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    Japan's Mt. Ontake Is Still Erupting As Questions Emerge About Warnings
    Apparently there were indications of increased seismic activity at the mountain.

    "Officials at the Japan Meteorological Agency say they sent messages to communities surrounding Mt. Ontake on the 11th of this month, warning them about a recent increase in volcanic earthquakes."
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    Why Deadly Japan Volcano Erupted Without Warning
    Phreatic eruptions
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    Japan police: Volcanic rocks killed most victims
    https://news.yahoo.com/japan-police-volcanic-rocks-killed-most-victims-121744423.html [Broken]

    There would seem to be some need to detect magma chambers close to the surface, where the hot magma can contact ground water.

    AFP obtained a CCTV video of the eruption. It seems to run fast, but it happened so quickly in a matter of seconds.

    Images taken from cameras of victims on Ontake
    http://news.yahoo.com/japan-volcano-victims-leave-photos-last-moments-053541862.html [Broken]
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    I remember seeing some video of hikers. How helpless the feeling would be.
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