Mount St. Helens

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    Hey Astro do you live nearby Mt St Helens? In Texas we generally don't worry about that sort of calamity although the discovery channel had a show on Yellowstone park and the super volcano beneath it and how if it erupted it would blanket Texas with a lot of fallout.
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    Thanks for the heads-up Astro

    Have visited St Helens a couple of times over the last 14 yrs
    always keen to see what is happening there

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    When I was young I spent some time at the Boy Scout camp at Spirit Lake at the foot of St. Helens. There were also a Girl Scout and 4H camp there. Now the lake itself no longer exists- very sad.
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    See also -

    I followed St. Helens for many years, but got busy with other events. I'm planning to visit, so I'm paying attention to the magma chamber.
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    I live about 100mi south of St. Helens, I remember hearing/feeling the eruption in 1980 but have never seen it other then from a distance.
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