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Mountian climber

  1. Feb 11, 2008 #1
    A mountain climber, in the process of crossing between two cliffs by a rope, pauses to rest. She weighs 596 N. As the drawing shows, she is closer to the left cliff than to the right cliff, with the result that the tensions in the left and right sides of the rope are not the same. Find the tensions in the rope (a) to the left and (b) to the right of the mountain cliff

    The shape of thislooks like a "Y" but with uneven tension. the left tention is 65degrees and the right tension is 80degrees.

    how can i solve for the 2 tensions?
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    resolve the two tension vectors into horizontal and vertical components. The sum of the two vertical tension force components must equal the climbers weight force. The horizontal components must be equal to one another.
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