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Mouse causing noise

  1. Dec 8, 2005 #1
    My mouse is causing noise in my speakers whenever I move it. I can't exactly explain the noise, but it's quite and wouldn't be noticed if perhaps the television was on or I had an mp3 playing.
    I tried muting the speakers from the volume control panel in windows XP, but I could still hear the noise. The speakers and mouse are both attached to the motherboard. I just got the thought that it's electrical interferance and plan to reboot and reroute the mouse wire away from other wires.
    Also, sometimes when I reboot, the mouse doesn't work so I have to reboot again. The cursor just stays in the middle of the screen so I have to use the keyboard to reboot. I've thought this was a driver problem, but my pc says the driver is the best possible one, even though I tried to install the driver that came on cdrom with the mouse.
    Any ideas?
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    wow, I rerouted the mouse wire and the noise stopped. It was all wrapped up in the speaker wires. problem solved except for the booting without the mouse working problem, but that doesn't happen too often.
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    have you opened your PC up and looked at the motherboard? Sounds like you have a problem there.. could be some dirt on one of the connections, or even a short of some short.. Could be a multitude of things, I would say tho its sounds like hardware problems
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    ahh... lol.. makes sence.. some EM interferance onto your speaker wire..
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