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Mouse Problem

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    I have a problem with the pointing device or any external mouse connected to my Toshiba Satellite A300 - 15M. I use windows vista. When I just move the cursor above any icon, it selects it as if I clicked on it! and if I clicked the icon once, it opens as if I double clicked it! Also when the icon is selected, it's name becomes underlined... I thought it's related to the mouse setting, I looked for it but I didn't find anything to change...
    Any help?
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    Sounds like the left button is pressed down - either a bad contact in the mouse or a seriously bad driver.
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    No, as I said above.. for sure it's not pressed or it's broken... It seems like a change in setting happened
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    Step 1
    Click on the "My Computer" icon on the desktop. Allow the screen to come up showing all of the drives on the computer.
    Step 2
    Double click on the "C" drive or whichever drive that you want the folders to open with one click. The window that opens will show all of the folders on that drive.
    Step 3
    Navigate your mouse to the top of the open windows and click on "Tools." You should see a text line for "Folder option." Click on the text.
    Step 4
    Look on the new window screen that pops up. You should see a number of options. At the bottom of the screen should be the options for "Single click" or "Double click" for click items. Select the "Double click" option.
    Step 5
    Click "Apply" at the bottom of the screen to save your preferences. You should now be able to open any folder on that drive with a double click.
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    This is it.. Thank you very much Дьявол
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