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Mouse Trap Car

  1. May 12, 2008 #1
    Hey, I need to make a mouse trap car, and we have the base, wheels and axel and mousetrap all put together but for some reason we cant get the wheels to move with the snap of the mouse trap. Any ideas on what to attach to the mousetrap and the car itself to make it work, and travel a fair distance?
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    Welcome to PF Rosie!

    How is it currently attached? Is the bar of the mousetrap attached to the wheels in any way? A "friend of a friend" of mine recently did a project like this, and there are several ways to approach it, but we'd need to know how you've got it set up at the moment, and what your ideas are before we could tell you much.
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    Try looking at a music box i.e. spring loaded gears turning a wheel. I am picturing a vehicle with a fairly constant and sustainable speed. Is this what you are going for?
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