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Homework Help: Mousetrap cars

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    I need to build a mousetrap car for a physics class and i was wondering if anyone could possibly give me any ideas on how to make the car travel faster and further. The requirements are that it needs to travel 25 ft for an A while carrying a full (closed) can of pop.Also, we can't use anything other than the mousetrap for power and cannot manipulate the spring on the mousetrap. If anyone could help me it would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
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    What are your thoughts on it so far? I can't tell you how to build your car because that would be cheating.
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    If both cannot be achieved, which is preferable?
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    i would preferably like to know how to maximize the distance because that is what i am being graded on, yet the faster it goes the better the possibility of extra credit. Also,i already know how i am going to build the car i was just wondering if anyone had any tips.
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