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Homework Help: Mousetrap powered vehilc

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    our physics class has built cars powered by mousetraps. Our car has small wheels in the front and big wheels at the back. (Cd's at front, records at back) It seems to work well. What is the physics behind this? I need to know for the report we have to do.

    Also, we have a coat hanger which is attached to the mouse trap. Why is tis important?
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    I'm not exactly sure the EXACT point of physics in that project, but my best guess would be on air resistance. With a slope on your car given by the wheel size changes, the wind has a route to follow over the car and under it.

    Like the wing of an airplane. The wings are in a curved form so that air can go past it easier without having as much force being pushed on them.

    And you lost me with the coathanger.
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