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Movie Editing

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    I recently used Windows Movie Maker in editing an 8-minute long movie I made for my class project on Mount Everest. Most of you may know that Windows Movie Maker is very basic and performs only the most rudimentary functions.

    I am new to the world of amateur movie making, so could anyone please recommend an amateur movie-making software? I am looking for one that is able to have multiple audio/music running at the same time, something I was not able to do in WMM and caused me to record narration with music playing from my speakers. The result was, needless to say, not great. I am also interested in animation. If there is a software that allows for both animation and normal movie editing, that would be great.

    I do not have a DVD-writer at the moment, so a DVD maker is not something that I am looking for even though I know that there are LOTS of those.
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    I highly reccomend you Vegas Video by ACID...Vegas Video is a high level video editing software but it also works well for beginners...I have been editing movies with Vegas Video for quite a long time now...the reason why i like it iz because it gives you a very good control over your audio and video positioning. Has a lot of audio and video effects/plugins,etc I think it has a friendlier environment then the adobe premiere...
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