In summary, the locations for the upcoming concert tour are now on sale. These include New York (Farmingdale), Los Angeles, Boston, Detroit, Seattle, San Diego, Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Chicago. The Brooklyn Pavilion in New York does not have online ticketing and tickets must be purchased directly at the box office. Some locations, such as the Universal CityWalk Theatres in Los Angeles, the Loews Boston Common in Boston, and the Loews Rio 18 in Gaithersburg, have online ticketing available. Satriani is currently working on his next CD, so a live tour may not happen until early next year. The person is excited about the upcoming tour and has already purchased tickets for
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Not a live performance :frown:


New York (Farmingdale) - Farmingdale Multiplex in Long Island

Los Angeles - Universal CityWalk Theatres

Boston - Loews Boston Common

Detroit - Emagine Canton

Seattle - Galaxy 12 in Monroe

San Diego - the Poway Creekside 10

Washington, DC - Loews Rio 18 in Gaithersburg

San Francisco - Loews Metreon

Chicago - 600 North Michigan Theatres

New York - Brooklyn Pavilion
The Brooklyn Pavilion has no online ticketing. Please buy tickets
directly at the box office at any time. The Pavilion is located
at 188 Prospect Park West in Brooklyn, NY
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Yeah! and the Michigan ones only 20 miles from me! I just ordered my tickets! Wow that was so easy, thanks for the heads up on that one !
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Yeah, I thought you would catch it! :biggrin:

I'll have to see about the one near San Diego, but I am going to push him for a concert tour.

Satriani is working on his next CD though, so a live tour may not be until early next year.

I will certainly mention Detroit. :biggrin:
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Yes please..MAKE him come here..hes got a lot of fans here!

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