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Movie - Scientific Genesis Story

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    I was wondering... What would you expect from a movie that would describe a "creation" story basically in this linear format: Big bang -> emergence of the four fundamental forces-> cooling of the universe and formation of stable matter-> stars from birth to death-> formation of our solar system-> abiogenesis->evolution...

    With all the developments in special effects nowadays and people's interests of "How are we here, why something rather than nothing, what preceded organic life on Earth, etc.?" it sounds doable. The challenge with this is that such a movie would be hard to get funding for, it has a very short range of run times to explain a lot to laypeople, and of course a very high potential for unwanted controversy.

    Knowledgeable scientists would be easier to access than, say, top notch actors for obvious reasons. Also I would imagine that there's no lack of real and relevant footage available(which could also be enhanced by CGI).

    I was thinking maybe we could set up a support group for such a movie(simply to throw ideas together and etc.) and maybe if we get lucky we could be heard, who knows... You decide.

    Also, although the initial topic is discussing movie ideas for a science "creation" story, overall the focus is trying to develop efficient methods for promoting public interest in the natural sciences and etc.
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