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Movies and Television

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    I have just realised that one purpose of movies and television shows is to kind of give the community a message of 'how to behave' in society. Obviously it must also be entertaining. The goodies always tend to win in movies which is trying to give us the message that doing 'good' is advantageous. Imagine movies where the 'badies' win, then society might act more like the which would ruin society. So I imagine all movies and television shows are strictly monitored by the government.

    Kids and teens are keen to learn how to behave in society and what is considered acceptable or cool. So they naturally turn to TVs and movies. Hence letting minors watch TV and movies is good in a way.

    Any suggestions, comments?
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    Good deeds nearly always go with a reward in a movie which is rarely the case in real life. We all love to think that good deeds should be rewarded and thus in movies they tend to be. We all know of examples where good deeds certainly do not get rewarded. I remember as a kid taking the metro to school, and one day the tricket machines were broken at the station I used to get on at. When i got off I paid my fare at the machine and carried on my way to school. When I got to school a fellow pupil had seen me buy a ticket when i got off the metro and asked what I was doing. When i told everyone that the ticket machines were broken where i got on and I paid my fare at the end of the journey I got teased something rotten.

    So I suppose the moral of the story is when you think you are doing something honestly it doesn't always mean it will be received well. Yet we all like to think it would be, and movies give people that escape. They are perfect scenarios, and luckily I think it also means that the majority of people agree on the correct course of action.
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