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Moving a spaceship through the aether

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    If a hypothetical aether contained positive and negative electric
    then a "local" electric field could exist between a proton and one of
    the charges.If the aether also contained magnetic charges and the
    proton had a small magnetic charge of its own, then the proton, like a
    photon, might move
    at a speed given by electric field / magnetic field.As a proton is
    the magnetic field would decrease to enable the speed and therefore
    the ratio of E/ B to increase.The magnetic field could decrease by the
    aether emitting some magnetic charge: this magnetic charge would
    account for the creation of a magnetic field when a proton is
    accelerated.Similarly when a proton is deccelerated, the aether could
    absorb some "free" magnetic charge so the ratio of E/ B decreases as
    the speed of the proton decreases.
    If I had a spaceship made of positive and negative charges,I could
    thus increase the speed of my spaceship by manipulating the magnetic
    charge in the aether ( and perhaps the electric charge of the
    aether)and changing the magnetic field.How could I manipulate the
    magnetic charge of the aether? Presumably by using a very strong
    magnetic field to move positive and negative magnetic charges of the
    aether very close together, so that the net magnetic field created by
    them and the magnetic charges of the protons and electrons of my
    spaceship is very small compared to the electric field.The magnetic
    field could be made so small the spaceship would travel faster than
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    I was thinking of the same thing myself
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