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Moving a Thread?

  1. Jul 22, 2011 #1
    I posted something on a thread that needs to be moved/deleted. Can I delete my own thread or does someone else have to do this?

    I did not intend to post something in the wrong place and I'm just trying to fix it, thanks.

    Thread in question:
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    You can delete it all by yourself if the time-period for editing has not passed. Just select "Edit" and then use the "Delete" option.
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    I am missing something, I click edit and don't find a "Delete" option

    I see: "Save" "Go Advanced" "Close"

    So after that time-period should I just let the thread die on it's own after I remove the content from the OP?

    Sorry to be asking so many questions, I just don't want to be breaking any rules/offending anyone.
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    You already deleted the OP, you cannot delete a thread.

    In the future, hit the "report post" button and ask it to be moved to *X* forum and a mentor will get to it rather quickly.
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    Well I think ZZ was telling me it should be in HW, he told me to review the FAQ and that's what I garnered from it (the second post in the FAQ expands the rules to any school related work and I didn't see that initially)

    the original post content is as follows:

    So I'm guessing HW/Intro Physics? I'm not sure where else to put it.
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    Re-read the thread. You mistook the Sticky thread with the FAQ. The FAQs are in the FAQ subforum in the General physics forum.

    For the record, I didn't ask you to have this posted in the HW forum. If we think it was inappropriate, you would have been told so, rather than hinted indirectly about it.

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