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Homework Help: Moving body on a diagonal path

  1. Mar 18, 2013 #1
    Just a question about simple moving body exercise. With no acceleration.

    Body moves with speed 15 m/s, time 12 seconds, mass 0.8 kg, and the force have a side effect 5 Newtons.

    Firstly, F=mg, so 0,8*0,98.Then I calculated the actual moving direction's force by pythagoros, thats 0,95N.

    Should i use cosinus or what ?
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    hi emutudeng! :smile:

    i don't understand :redface:

    you say there's no acceleration, but then you use g,

    and what do you mean by "side effect"?

    and what angle is there (for the cosine)?

    what exactly is the body doing? :confused:
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    Lets say there is a body (0,8kg) moving in direct line for 12 seconds with balanced speed 15 m/s, but there is a wind blowing from a side with a force 0,5 N.

    So the body is moving diagonally and I should get the diagonal with pytagoros. The thought that the angle is between the actual trajector and the first direct line, but maybe i dont even need it.

    Edit: i need the distance
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    ok, then this is wrong …
    F is the force, and that's already given, as 0.5 N

    you need to find the acceleration, so use F = ma :wink:

    then find the sideways distance moved, then use pythagoras :smile:
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