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News Moving Forward - a sales pitch.

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    So many times we heard Bush Senior use "moving forward" to characterize policies that may or may not have been productive as "progressive". By 2010, when some politician says we are "moving forward" with some policy or another, my Bull$**** Radar goes into high gear and I relegate the rest of the schpeil to Nonsense. "Moving Forward" is a bull phrase that means "my way of thinking is right", and that is something that is very poorly evaluated by our media.

    Edit: Sorry! There was a news show tonight featuring a public functionary who used the "moving forward" phrase. It's sickening, and it really ticks me off. When a politician characterizes their own actions with such evaluations without regard for their political inclinations, or their own actions, the claim to be "moving forward" has no more credence than "new and improved".
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    i feel your pain. my word of contempt is "progressive".
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    Oh my. Are you telling me pols say things just to sound good and win votes!!! ;)
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    Agreed. More:
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