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Moving in the 4th

  1. Oct 26, 2004 #1
    in a 2 dimensional world a 3 dimensional creature would go over the line
    / \

    How would a 4th dimensional being jump over a cube?
    he wouldnt we move through the 4th with the box since it is time

    i see the 4th dimension as only being time and noone being able to reside in that "realm".

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    well my diagram was messed up :surprised
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    We live as a result of time. However we are unable to view time as a dimention. We know time exists due to the past and our present. Givin the opportunity to spring into the 4th dimention of time; we could then see the past,present and future, just as a 3rd dimentional creature can observe the every move a creature in the 2nd dimention makes. (forward,backward,or left or right).
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    I think that if we tried to time travel we would end up traveling through a fourth space dimension and end up on a parallel time line.

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    i think there are multiple time lines on the 5th dimensional axis
    and multiple realms on the time line and each realms time line contains the past present and future for that realm and that realm only
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    In general, I would say it like this. There are many 4D space/time continuums embedded in a higher dimensional space.

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    How could you see into the future if the future depends on every bit of matter in the universe intereacting? wouldnt that defeat the uncertainty principle? Because you would know where everything was and everything will be, electrons included. Maybe there is a reason it is so hard to figure out time travel.
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    4th Dimension Ink Art Translations

    Well ok this is going to be a twist on the theory you have going here
    but, I feel it is still important.

    I have over the years created some Ink ArtTranslations by means of astral travel
    it has been deemed 4d, being the gate to time and the experience from which it

    so if you all can look at these drawings and tell me what you think besides
    if they are pretty * smiles * how such properties may or may not apply
    to something that has been in contact via non physical realm .
    here is the purchase page because it has them all in one place ..

    there is adirect page too: but you have to go through a few things to
    find all the translations. http://TheNightGallery.net [Broken]

    It has been a project for a long time and i am trying to get some understanding on what has been going on, I feel in some way this has happened thorugh a kind of folding unconscious space. I have a magazine with a detailed history

    if you need info to understand more, just ask and I will aswer best I can.

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    i like the idea that there are many different universe's and each is a cetain movment .e.g forwards, backwards, left, right etc etc. and they all come togethr to make us that can do all the things in all the universe's but we may not know what else we can do.
  11. Dec 20, 2004 #10
    Can someone here list the dimentions?
  12. Jan 20, 2005 #11
    The 4th & 5th Dimension

    Hello, I've thought a lot about the higher dimensions and I have some theories concerning it. I don't claim to be right on but I've drawn a diagram showing a simplified view on the higher dimensions. It can be seen in the Theories page on my Time Travel News page, which is called Space Time News, it is at: http://razimus.com

    Included on that theories page is a simplified description of the 1st 5 dimensions.

    --- Razimus
  13. Jan 29, 2005 #12
    Jumping over a hypercube

    We are living in a four dimensional universe right now! (The fourth dimension is time or the space-time continuum) Of course we cannot see time in the way that we can see a line, a square, or a cube. Some people say that they can imagine a hypercube projection onto a two or three dimensional space. From my understanding, in order to be aware of the fourth dimension, my awareness would have to exist in at least a five dimensional reality. So, the question could be "How would a 5th dimensional being jump over a hypercube?".
  14. Jan 29, 2005 #13
    i believe that time is not a dimension in itself but that time is woven into the dimensions in which are bound to its constrants
    -now roll with that
  15. Feb 2, 2005 #14
    Would you be suggesting that Time is a part of every dimension? And that one cannot excape Time?
  16. Feb 3, 2005 #15

    I think that the only time is Now. Now evolves and changes with varying duration. These changes/durations are what we perceive as time. This temporal perception of the ever changing Now is measured differently as to durations and intervals depending on the state of the measurement within the Now.

    This Now cuts across all spacial dimensions so the perceptions of change/duration do also.

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  17. Feb 5, 2005 #16
    I don't quite see how there could be a duration within the "now". Duration implies a lapse of time. If "now" exist in every dimension, then "now" is simply a point on any coordinate of n-dimensional space.
  18. Feb 5, 2005 #17
    Time can be used as a dimension (such as relativistic space-time) or not as a dimension. It depends on what you are looking at and your perception.


    or more specifically

    For me, if space-time (there can be no three dimensional space without time) is not a dimension, then what is it? It is not just that time is "woven" into the dimensions (3D) but 3D space is woven into time. How the weaving works in n-dimensional systems is an interesting thought.

    Let's keep it rolling!
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  19. Feb 5, 2005 #18
    its like a coordinate plane. now would be me standing here in this place in space-time at point (x,y,z,t)
  20. Feb 6, 2005 #19
    Which also implies that "now" is where these coordinates intersect.
  21. Feb 7, 2005 #20


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    Yes but you should be able to change coordinates, not be stuck with "this way is x, that way is y...".
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