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Moving into a research based position

  1. Aug 18, 2012 #1
    hello everyone,

    I received my bachelor's in electrical engineering about one year ago

    I currently work as a hardware engineer. I essentially do everything between obtaining specifications from marketing, to writing assembly instructions for mass production of the final product.

    recently, I got an offer to be a test engineer for another company. I'm not crazy about moving into testing after a design position, but the pay is much better, and I think there would be a lot more opportunity to move up in the company, since it is much, much larger. the location is also much more appealing, and is actually the reason I applied in the first place. But I feel that the actual work will be less challenging, and may limit my future.

    my ultimate goal is to get a position that is in research, preferably some emag related stuff. the new test engineer position would be emag/rf related, so maybe that is a plus.

    my main concern is, would it be terribly difficult to move into research after working as a test engineer for a couple of years? or if it would be better to stick it out at my current design position and try and move into research after that.

    would appreciate any thoughts or experiences anyone has to share.

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