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Moving People

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    Without the use of motors? How could someone move a 70 kg person for around 50 meter circumference circles?

    Any ideas on how you could solve the problem?
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    Some method:

    Attach the person to an spring of a large stiffness constant, compress it and leave them free. Have you ever seen it at the cartoons? Probably when you see his face it will be like this---> :yuck:
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    They could ride a horse, or a bike, or they could walk. I guess they could go by scooter. Or space-hopper.

    I guess this doesn't answer your question, so let us know what you want to do!
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    Basically create some vehicle without using motors and having a 70 kg person in it how could you move the person?

    I was thinking about springs and inclined planes, but those are probably too extravagant.
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    Some ideas

    Is the movement on land, in water, or in the air?

    On land, use a 50 m rope and roller skates, bicycle, or cart, i.e. something with wheels. The bicycle can be used to provide propulsion by the person through a crank and gear system, and this could be applied to a cart. The rope simply provides a constraint to move in a circle, with one end fixed at the axis.

    In water, use a boat - with paddles, oars, or crank and paddle-wheel or .

    In air, use a large kite, unless one can design a human power propeller system.

    Also on land, one could use a kite or sail for propulsion, but one must have wind.

    Use your imagination.
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