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Moving tricycle

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    I have a fairly simple question, but I am a newbie. I have to move a tricycle from one position to another. The position of the middle of the two back wheels is described as X_initial = (x, y, theta). The function (in matlab, but I guess it could be in any language) should take in parameter the initial position, the angle of the front wheel (phi), the speed of the front wheel (meter/second) and the duration (in second) and then return the new position X_current (x,y, theta).

    The distance between the two back wheels is Z cm and the distance between X and the front wheel is also Z cm.

    How can I calculate such a problem?
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    are you trying to write a function modelling the motion of your tricycle?

    make a vector t, t=t0:tmax (t = [0 1 2 3 4 .... tmax]

    Pos = < X0 + X(t), Y0 +Y(t), theta0 + theta(t) >

    choose x(t), y(t), and theta(t) to parametrize any curve you want the tricycle to take, like a circle. hope this helps
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