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News Moyer's special re-aired tonight

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    I seems that PBS is going to replay Bill Moyer's special on the selling of the Iraq war tonight. Sorry for the short notice, but I thought that those of you without broad-band access (and thus have problematic access to the streaming video) might want to tune in.
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    great to get out the word, however late, one of the gutsiest pieces of "mainstream" journalism in recent memory, Course Ms Goodman does this on a daily basis.
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    Ms Goodman is a regular on my PC. I can't get her on the radio, but when I have chores to do inside (cleaning, washing dishes, etc) I listen to Democracy Now!
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    Whats weird, is that americans have to resort to internet or low power FM radio as in Prometheus project t get substantive debate on a daily basis.Forget the cable name calling shot-outs which unfortunately as Bill M is more about ratings and being armed with a couple of quick responses at the water cooler than generating an informed opinion.
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    It's gone beyond weird, and even beyond sick. Our "news" sources are timid mouthpieces for the the wealthy and the powerful and they have no stomach for offending their sponsors and connections by telling the truth.
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    But that's no surprise. If advertisers didn't control the news media, Nestle's crimes against humanity would be well known. Or rather, they wouldn't have been able to happen.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The internet is helping to counter this trend, but it also reduces journalism to gossip via bloggers. I blame right-wing bloggers for Bush, and everything that has happened under his admin, as much as anyone.

    Did you hear who wants to buy the Wall Street Journal?

    I think the word used to describe the employees at the WSJ was "horrified".
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    Murdoch and the WSJ? Tell me it aint so, Joe.
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    The Bancroft family, who own a controlling interest in Dow Jones, is opposed to the sale!


    I hope RM :yuck: doesn't get it. I prefer a free press.
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