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Mozilla configuration question

  1. Apr 4, 2005 #1
    Verizon is my DSL provider.

    I have difficulty logging into my.verizon.net (subscriber homepage) from Mozilla and from Firefox, but no problem logging in with Internet Explorer.

    In Internet Explorer I go to the verizon login page, enter username & password, and it loads (in the same window) a page that is completely blank except for a little applet (or what looks like an applet) saying "please wait while we log you in..." for a few seconds and then it loads my homepage, all in the original browser window.

    In both mozillas, after I enter my username and password, I get a completely blank page and that's it. Nothing happens. I then have to reload the login page and then (usually) the little applet or servlet or whatever it is starts up and they log me in, although sometimes it instead loads a window that says "we were unable to log you in", and has a "try again" button, and after I click the "try again" button the little applet starts up & they log me in.

    It doesn't seem to have anything to do with popup blocking, because the same thing happens whether or not I enable that feature.

    Any ideas about this?
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    Do you have some javascript features disabled?
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    As far as I know the only things disabled are
    - hide the status bar
    - change status bar text

    I don't know how significant this is, but in the JavaScript Console (on the Tools menu) the log shows this error TWICE every time I go to the login page:
    and this error is logged after I enter username & password:
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    hm, id envourage you to go to SUN(thats where, correct?) and get a new version of java stuff then try again - also try and find some plugins for basic coding features at the mozilla website, also it could be something with your firewall?
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    Java != javascript. Obviously there is something wrong with verizons website and you should make them aware of it.
  7. Apr 5, 2005 #6
    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    LOL I've done that dance before!! Their answer is "we only support Micro$oft Internet Explorer."

    I was just wondering if anyone could help identify exactly what the incompatibility might be, to see if I could tweak something in Firefox's config to fix it.

    Thanks anyway.
  8. Apr 5, 2005 #7
    I guess I will find a new provider then, is what I would reply :smile:
  9. Apr 5, 2005 #8
    Hmm--I suppose since this a mozilla thread,

    What exactly makes Mozilla safer to use and browse than Microsoft Internet Explorer?
  10. Apr 5, 2005 #9
    ... and pay $10 or $15 more per month to spite Verizon, as if they'd notice. :yuck:
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