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Mozilla shortcut?

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    How do I create a short cut in Mozilla? At the moment it is not letting me create a short cut on the tool bar.
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    Drag and drop should work.
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    I did that, nothing happened. WHen it did work there was a vertical bar but now it's not there and when I unclick, the icon dosen't stay on the toolbar. Moreover, since this problem all previous bookmarks have been deleted. What's happened?
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    How about the create shortcut option, have you tried that? What version are you using anyway? Could even be a virus in your system.
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    Where is the 'create shortcut option' located?
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    Right-click on the Mozilla application icon and you should find it in the menu, if you are using Windows that is.
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    I just right click in the toolbar area and select "new bookmark." A new shortcut pops right up.
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    Do the previous bookmarks still appear in the drop down Bookmarks menu?
    If so, then maybe you have turned off the bookmarks toolbar. Right click on one of the other toolbars near the top and select Customize.
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    Where is the Mozilla application icon?
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    I am sorry I misread your question, I thought you were having trouble with creating a shortcut of Firefox. To view your bookmarks on the toolbar, do the following:

    1)Go to View -> Toolbars and make sure the Bookmarks Toolbar option is checked.
    2)Now click on the Bookmarks toolbar and select New Bookmark. Fill in details of the Bookmark in the form.

    From the looks of it, as robphy suggested you must have mistakenly removed the bookmarks toolbar.
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