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MP3 player advice

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    So I'm looking to get an MP3 player, and naturally, I'm clueless about good brands and whatnot. I don't need something like an Ipod that can hold more music than I even own, but I want something that can at least hold a few cd's of music at once; 1 GB would be the maximum of what I need, more likely 512MB would be fine. I don't wanna spend too much money on it either, like preferably under $100. I don't need any fancy extras likke a video screen or anything, just something that can hold a good amount of music and has good audio quality.

    So, any advice on a player that'd meet my needs?

    Thanks alot,
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    Check out what's on the market. Know someone who works at one of these stores? Maybe you can get a discount if they buy it for you.
    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?id=pcmcat10200050001&type=category&categoryRep=cat03000 [Broken]
    Got an ebay account? You can probably get a good deal on something from there if your willing to wait.
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    would be the best one at Bestbuy for under $100..however there are much better places to shop than Bestbuy.

    Also, I would suggest going with a CD/MP3 player instead. They can be had for about $50, and if you already have a CD-RW drive you can put songs on and off as well as play normal CDs (Yeah, I know, "whats a normal CD?")

    Otherwise, may want to try something like this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=73839&item=5769568283&rd=1 [Broken]

    Of course its lower quality than usual, but for <$100 that's what you are asking for.
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    ..Like I said ;)

    Although I have to say I don't like the iPod shuffle personally. The vast majority of MP3 players out there have a shuffle mode...taking away the choice isn't exactly an upside.
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    But its totally Apple!

    Actually i don't have that much against the iPod. Its a nifty little thing, though grossly unneccessary with 40Gb for the middle of the road one. But the people who own them bother me. Mac-people in general bother me. The whole,
    philosophy is assinine. And of course, I hate the RIAA and almost everything they sell, so i own very little music.
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    Some time ago you bought a laptop. Now you want to buy a MP3 player. You must have the wallet filled with money, Waste. :tongue2: What happens here? Everybody seem to have money except me! :grumpy:
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    I bought a Creative Labs Nomad MuVo. It's basic model is 128 MB (about 30 songs) and runs on 1 AAA battery. They do have a larger size for more storage. It plugs right into a USB port. I like it because it's only a couple of ounces and I found it online for about $55. I'm sure there are better out there, but this is all I needed. I like it very much. You can see it here:

    http://www.nomadworld.com/products/muvo/ [Broken]
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    Some people I know can fill 40GB with music, however these people are few. Many 'gamers' use them to transfer warez and other software around from lan parties.

    Why do you hate the RIAA?
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    I actually didn't buy that laptop yet, I'm still in the research mode. It may seem like it was a long time ago that I asked about the laptop, and that I should have gotten one by now, but I generally tend to start thinking about/researching future purchases long before I actually go through with them.

    As far as the money thing, I'm still in highschool, so I don't have all the expenses that someone in higher education does.
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