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Mp3 player driver

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    Hi folks,
    My daughter just bought me this beautiful sattelite radio/digital audio player. Problem is that the installation disk that came with the device only works on win 2000 or XP (she didn't know). I'm running 98. I was wondering if there are any generic mp3 player drivers out there that I could use. I'm only looking to use as an mp3 player for now. I just want my system to recognize it as a removable drive maybe, that I can just drag and drop files into.
    It's a NEXUS 25 made by Samsung if that helps.
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    Maybe, maybe not. Win98 does not have native support for removable drives, but you can sometimes find drivers on the manufacturer's website. Check.
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    I downloaded a generic removable storage device driver off the internet. It seemed to work OK up till the time I try to drag and drop the file into it. The puter says "problem writing to drive F:". But the filename somehow magically appears on the device screen. The file won't play. Then when I click on drive F and try to access the file the computer hangs up. Maybe the driver just isn't a good one??? I purchased an mp3 player for my daughter some years ago and loaded in the driver off the disk and she has no problem.
    Hers is a samsung device also. Maybe I could throw THAT driver on my system.
    I'll tell ya it's getting sooosooo hard to keep on using 98.:yuck:
    Maybe I'll just try another samsung mp3 driver.
    Thanx for everything.
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    jmnew51, the reason why the disc only has 2000 and xp drivers is becuase the nexus 25 is not supported by operating systems prior to windows 2000. Here is what the manufactures website has to say:

    Please Note: The Nexus 50 is not supported by Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, and Mac OS.

    Its best that you upgrade your OS, you'll have less problems overall.
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    Yeah, I have a copy of Win XP coming in the mail. :approve: I can't wait to get started with it. I'm going to install the new OS on my new HD and use the old one as a slave and just access info on it as needed.

    I've read a lot of posts from people having lots of problems with win 98 and removable drives on USB. And my girl wants to hook up an external HD on USB. On Win 98 that would probably be asking for no end of trouble.

    I mean the OS recognises the Nexus as a removable drive with a generic driver I downloaded, but I get an error message when trying to write to the drive, then the whole puter freezes. :yuck:

    Thanx for all your help everyone.
    Have a Happy New Year
    Jim :biggrin:
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    Oh yeah, and I understand MS is going to cut out support for win 98 soon.
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    Wow, back in July!! Oh well time to upgrade.
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