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Mp4 player

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    I was wondering, is it possible to format one's MP4 Player erase all software and then install new firmware in it ?
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    That would depend entirely on which player you have. Check your owner's manual.

    - Warren
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    It's an MP4 Digital Player.. well chipod... thing.
    It has no brand ... It just says "MP4 Digital Player" in the box, and it says it is tested to comply with the FCC standards :\. Anyway if I were to do that where can I find information on that?
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    You'll need to know what the device is before you can even think about putting different firmware on it. Try looking up "mp4 digital player" on google to see if you can find it. You can try google images too, then when you see your player, go to the page and see if you can find more info about it, such as brand. And then.. look into the firmware replacement. :)
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    Need help of my newest MP4 player?

    I bought MP4 player from China last week. Once I receive the player, I am so happy with its beautiful looking. But I am sad with its terrible manual and its software when I turn on it. The device has marked on the player itself saying that it is an AVI player. It contains a demo avi file which plays reasonably well.

    I tried to load up some avi files which play on my computer. But the portable player says incorrect format. I think the problem is that I can not understand functions of player fully. After I tried several times, I still can not upload avi. File.

    Can some one suggest what we can try in this situation? Have you come across this situation before? And have you bought any MP4 player from china? I think I have been cheated or the player had problem before shipment. Anyone help me?
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