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MP4 problems

  1. Jul 30, 2003 #1
    I can't play MP4's with audio! Wherever I look it tells me that divx player can only play MP4 with mp3 audio, but that the standard audio format for MP4 is AAc, which dvx can't recognise, stupid I think. Everyone also says that MEdia player will play MP4 files, which it doesn't for me! I have WMP 9, any help would be appreciated.
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    what is MP4?
    I know MP3.
    are they the same?[?]
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    You mean divx? Do you have the latest codec? Divx5? www.doom9.org[/URL]
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    Yes I have the latest divx codec. But windopws media player will not play mp4, neither will real player, or quick time, or divx player! Everyone else seems able to play them fine. But I've heard media player 9 is nothing but trouble, typical that I'm stuck with that one.
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    http://www.m4if.org/mpeg4/?PHPSESSID=d358872c0fbe2a6f5ee18ead036fbf3c [Broken]
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    Hey there

    I think Im playing Mpeg4 on my pc ( I am if that movie I tested with really is MPeg4... ) I use PowerDVD and Nimo codecpack 5 build 7. I also have Divx502 installed, but that shouldn't influence mpeg4 movies.

    Hope it helps you
    Best regards

    Thomas Hansen
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    "mpeg 4" is a common name given to divx in general in addition to the official standard which isn't used as much as the divx knockoffs. I think when divx was invented, there was no "real" mpeg-4 yet so they used the name to make it sound more official.

    I have found that Nimo's codecs interfere with each other. You may have a component of Nimo trying to play a file it isn't capable of playing. Try uninstalling Nimo.
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    4) DivX ;-) 3.11a Alpha - ASF without the drawbacks

    Origins: A guy who went by the handle "Gej" used a hex editor and some other tools to modify the binary dll file of Microsoft's MS-MPEG4v3 ASF codec so that it would work under AVIs, so that you could use it to encode high-res movies (since ASF was restricted to 352x288 resolution). He then released it onto the net. This became the original DivX which was updated until version 3.11alpha

    Taken from some interesting reading at;

    Pauly Man,
    You might try using G-Spot to identify the Video and Audio Codecs. See if it gives you the same thing (AAc). It’s a very handy utility to have, in case you don’t know about it. It is free and available here;
    http://www.softnews.ro/public/cat/11/2/7/11-2-7-12.shtml [Broken]

    I had a similar problem to yours (no audio), but what was missing was the ac3 filter, not AAc. After using GSpot to identify the problem I was able to hunt down what I needed off the web.

    -Good Luck

    Just like Russ was saying about the Nimo codecs interfering, I have found conflicting codec troubles too. For that reason I never use any more codecs than those actually needed, and I avoid those packs containing gadzooks of codecs all bundled up in one package.
    GSpot is a great tool for keeping the number of codecs to a minimum.

    One example, the DivX5.05 Codec (which I’ve been playing with recently) will write itself over the place of the 5.02 codec, and then fail to work with one of my programs. If I uninstall either one then reboot and perform the install I won’t get this problem.

    Maybe you can get lucky with AAC utilizing a google search;
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    What would be nice is if MS built into Media Player an easy way to manually select the codec you want to use.
  11. Aug 5, 2003 #10
    I've downloaded QuickTime 6.3 and it can play .mp4 no problem by the looks of it. =]
  12. Nov 24, 2003 #11
  13. Nov 24, 2003 #12


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    Re: i need to see this video

    It says on the bottom of the page, Quicktime 6.
  14. Nov 24, 2003 #13
    Can't remember if I told anyone. But GSpot couldn't identify the video, all it said was that it was a non-AVI format. Also Quicktime no longer allows me to play mp4 videos. SO I downloaded real one, (I hate it), but at least it allows you to download an mp4 specific codec and use it easily.
  15. Nov 24, 2003 #14
    Gspot only works with an .avi extention (as I too realized recently), and those little jaspers are .mp4. Quicktime couldn't play them, claiming they were not valid MPEG-4 files, and that they either contained no 'moov' atom, or the file has been corrupted.
  16. Mar 26, 2007 #15
    hay ive got a problem with my mp4 were the screen jus goes blue whenever the mp4 is on i was wondering if any one knows how to fix it?
  17. Mar 26, 2007 #16
    hay ive got a problem with my mp4 were the screen jus goes blue whenever the mp4 is on i was wondering if any one knows how to fix it?
  18. Jun 7, 2007 #17
    Hi guys I had some problem with my player as well but recently I found a great tech support site that have a huge knowledge base of http://www.fixya.com" [Broken] products. They also have live chat support and guaranteed solution. I am sure you will find some answers there.

    Good luck

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  19. Sep 25, 2007 #18
    hey there,
    i have a problem i have this movie.mp4 but i cant seem to burn it i have DivX codec 6.5.0 but it doesnt help me if there is someone who can help me convert this .mp4 to a Avi please help me...

    thank you
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