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PBS recently aired a NOVA program called "The Crash of Flight 111." The plot is that a Swissair MD-11 crashed off Nova Scotia and disintegrated upon hitting the sea. Canadian investigators traced the cause of the crash to an arc of an InFlight Entertainment Network wire, igniting the metalized mylar-covered insulation blankets. This fire raged out of sight in the area above the ceiling of the plane, eventually reaching the cockpit and causing the plane to crash. All 229 people on board were killed in the crash. these insulation blankets are still in many aircraft around the world, and I was wondering if there are any similar insulation blanket, or the coverings of these blankets, that are as flammable as this metallized mylar, or MPEC. I am gravely concerned about the prospect of flying aboard such a firetrap. Can anyone tell me more about MPEC or similar aircraft insulation that has been proven to be flammable?

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