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.Mpeg editing?

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    I have never done this before, but what programs are available out there so that i can extract certain parts from a movie in .mpeg or .avi format?
    Like in soundforge i can open an audio file and extract any waveform and copy it to a new window and process it, can i do the same for a video file?
    Thank You!
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    It sounds like you just want to do some basic video editing, like just cutting out some clips from longer video files and possibly changing formats. If this is the case there are alot of low end video editing programs that can do that easily. A quick search on download.com (for "video edit") yielded several that may do what you need, and most of them were 'free to try.'

    If you are looking to buy a program you should know that the more powerful ones can be a little expensive. I use Adobe Premiere 6, and love it (I have used the older versions too, they work very well too). It is very powerful, has a ton of features/capibilites, and is not to hard to teach yourself to use. I have also used Final Cut Pro and found it to be very similar in terms of what it can do. I have a friend who loves Final Cut.
    I am not as familiar with the more basic programs but i know they can be alot cheaper.

    A program you may want to look into is Vegas. i haven't use it much but it was made by the same company as Soundforge (they were bought by Sony, so im not sure if there are any similarities anymore.) I can do video and audio editing and mixing. You can download a free trial here: http://www.download.com/Vegas/3000-2194_4-10228814.html?tag=lst-0-1
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