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MPEG2 Standard

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    I'm looking for technical documentation on the mpeg 2 video standard. Unfortunetly, ISO forces you to pay hundreds of dollars in royalty fees just to download the stupid pdf from their site. If anyone has a copy of the actual spec that would be great. I'm currently doing a research project for a DSP class and the docs would help.
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    You probably don't want (or need) the spec anyway. How about one of the common indsutry video bibles, like "Video Demystified" by Jack?

    - Warren
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    I think the DSP of MPEG2 will be quite similar to any other codec. Of course there will be differences, but the general structure of the actual video coder/decoder will be pretty much the same, and use many of the same principals. Alot of the differences occur with things like whether the video is interlaced/non interlaced, the amount of scaleability of the video etc.
    There will also be some (usually quite small) differences with how some values are set (e.g. scanning order of DCT coefficients). These changes are usually designed to squeeze that extra couple of percent of compression out of the encoder.

    Also, 'Standard video codecs' by Ghanbari is a very good book.

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