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MPm Type Hammers

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    Recently i saw a 6 tons counter blow hammer, having a plate coupled stating its capacity as "6 MPm". I tried working out this MPm but could not get any clue. Can anyone please tell me what this MPm is about?
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    I found two different ways used to specify energy delivered by a counterblow hammer:
    “impact energy of 1470 kJ” and, “Energy of full blow: 7000 kgm”

    As far as I can determine from searching counterblow hammers is that "MPM" is not a capacity. It appears to be part of a model number. Here is where searching on Google “MPm” shows up:

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    Well i was also googling for a while but could get any significant answer, somehow i came to know it does define capacity, i think you may also have a look.

    http://www.machine-world.net/machine.asp?mid=46&sid=49 [Broken]
    Sr. 13

    But still i am not clear about that perhaps it is MegaPond-metre, similar to that of kgm.
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