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MS EE (solid state devices) vs. Ph.D. In condensed matter theory

  1. Mar 10, 2013 #1
    I'm an electronics and communication engineering major from india and will be applying this fall for graduate school in 2014 fall.

    I was really interested in theoretical physics uptil now (cosmology, strings, hep etc.) and still am but given the abysmal employability of these areas of study, i have decided to study them on my own and not pursue them in grad. School.

    Something, that does interest me and that i am currently working on is semiconductor physics and the applications of quantum mechanics.

    Would an MS in EE , with a focus on solid state devices or a phd in condensed matter theory, be a better choice ?

    I basically want a degree and an eduction that is as close to physics as possible, so that i can retain interest in it and which at the same time, has great job prospects.
    Im trying to shoot for the best of both worlds.

    I know that an MS in EE would be a safer choice as far as job scope is concerned, but if the job opportunities after a phd in CMP aren't that bad either, i might want to go for a PhD in CMP instead.

    Also, what kind of a job scenario am i looking at after a PhD in EE ?
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