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MS in applied statistics

  1. Jan 27, 2008 #1
    I was recently accepted into a program at Western Michigan with this title. I was wondering if anyone here happened to have any personal experience, or knew someone who was in a program like this. Here's the program description.


    My main concern is, will people treat me as though I'm overqualified if I obtain this graduate degree? I have a bachelors with a concentration in mathematics, but I left with a mediocre gpa (3.1), almost zero programming skill and no solid recommendations. As such, most positions open to me in business are sales oriented. I'm hoping a program like this can bring me some much needed technical knowledge.

    I'm hoping to have the opportunity to attend, perform well, and maybe look for some relevant internships/positions. Does anyone have any thoughts? Is this degree generally seen as "useful?" Do most people who attend these programs find them useful?
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    You know, I never heard of a masters hurting you really. I think you can find many people who find use in applied statistics. The ability to do statistics accurately and well is a valuable skill and getting a MS in it wouldn't hurt you.

    I do suggest you take time to learn programming, and get some good recommendations and maybe an internship. I think with all those, plus a masters, you'll be doing well for yourself.
  4. Jan 27, 2008 #3
    this degree is very typical statistics master degree. Indeed, PhDs are the people who should worry about overqualified. With a master degree in statistics, there is a big jump in opportunity and expected salary. If there is no other concern, you should pursue a master degree in stat.
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