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MS in Engineering - Which One?

  1. Oct 31, 2009 #1
    I have a BSEE degree and the company I work for requires me to get a Masters degree in a technical field. I have a few options and can choose whichever Masters degree I want to pursue... as long as it is technical.

    I have this narrowed down to a few degree selections:

    1) MS in Electrical Engineering
    2) MS in Systems Engineering
    3) MS in Nanotechnology Engineering

    Now to give you a little bit of my future goals. I don't plan on being an engineer or scientists for much more longer. By the time I finish my graduate degree, I'll be in the engineering management route.

    I've spoken to many managers right now and they said they don't really care for what type of graduate degree you have in engineering, but as long as you have one. I honestly don't care either, I'm just doing it because I have to. I know this doesn't sound ideal and you probably think I'm wasting my time, which I might be, but I have to do it for work and the timing fits well. When I say timing, I'll be applying to business school for my MBA after I graduate with my MS in engineering... I'll have obtained enough work experience to hopefully leverage a spot in a top business school.

    My question to you is - which degree should I pursue? I am leaning towards options 2 and 3, but are there any shortcomings in majoring in them? Do you see them not as popular as #1? Again, I'll be going towards the Program/Business management route at my workplace, not into a technical field.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    "Nanotechnology Engineering"? I haven't heard that one before, but it doesn't sound very impressive to me. To keep your options the most open, I would stick with a "traditional" engineering discipline such as electrical.
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    Systems might be closest to the work you hope to do as a manager, but electrical is probably the most flexible.
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    If any one of them sounds even a little more interesting than the others I would do that. School is more enjoyable when you are interested, and you are likely to do better in something that grabs your attention.

    If none of them sticks out as more interesting than any other, then for a manager of technical projects the system engineering degree is probably a little better than the other two, but not by much.

    good luck.
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