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Ms in project management civil or mechanical

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    I currently have a contractors license and i have been working in construction my whole life. I now have to decide if i want to go into civil or mechanical engineering. I feel i can get a job easier with a CE because i know most of the building codes in california and i know a few civil engineers that i have paid to draw plans for me. My main concern is money, i plan to get a MS degree in project management and i want to know which field, ME or CE, will i be able to make the most money in. It might sound a little selfish but im a single father and i have three kids to worry about and the construction industry is not doing to well. My whole life has been in construction but i think would really enjoy working in some of the ME fields, but money is still the major issue. So i guess my main question is what would be the better combo; MS in project management with a CE or with a ME.
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