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MS Internet Explorer error

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    I don't know what's wrong with my PC that when I close the last browser (IE), an error message will pop up, then the Visual Basic C++ automatically runs for the error debugging. I always use Ctrl+Alt+Del to stop it. How to stop the Visual Basic C++ running automatically? Thanks
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    I think the Visual Studio feature you'd have to turn off is called something like “automatic runtime debugging.”
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    I thought that too, but I couldn't find that option to turn off. Do you know exactly where? Thanks
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    I don't, I'm afraid, I've got a separate dev system and I never turn it off. Another option would be to try reinstalling IE, or installing and using FireFox or Opera.

    Come to think of it, though - if you don't use VS all the time you could also try going to the Services control panel and making sure that any VS ones do not start automatically. I don't know if this would make it so that you'd need to start them manually when using VS, though.
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    I had that and converted to Firefox...
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    Actually, this is my PC at work, not my own. I can call the computer service, but I am afraid that they would ruin my PC (you can't believe :), yesy they did a lot!)
    Mayday, can you tell litle more? Thanks all.
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    Firefox is a free internet browser that you can download. I would get your computer service in if it is free, give them IT peopel something to do...
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    Thanks Mayday. It is free and they are IT people. Not only me but we all "cried" for them.
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    Mike, if it's free make them work for their money!!! =]
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    Wait just a second… are you actually a programmer? Do you actually use Visual Studio or do you just have a programmer's old PC? If you don't need Visual Studio you can uninstall it and it should stop doing that. But be warned, depending on how fast your computer is it could easily take a half hour to uninstall.
  12. Feb 26, 2008 #11
    Yes and No. I am not a programmer, but I need the Visual Studio.
    Mayday, don't try your risk to make them money :) believe me.

    Thank you all.
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