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MS Physics Guidance pls

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    I did my Bachelor in Physics and Masters in computer Application in India. Now I am working as Software engineer. My passion is all about Physics from my childhood. I am ready to take my MS physics specialized in Quantum Mechanics, quantum computation , Nanophysics or similar field anywhere. Kindly guide me the correct course and the any entrance needed to take for joining the same. I need it very urgently and any type of suggestion is appreciated.
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    The "correct" course doesn't just contain the subjects you study. For instance, I could point you to a course in North America, but would you be willing to travel there? I would suggest having a look at what the university you graduated has to offer ( and any nearby ones for that matter ).

    Also, it would be helpful to other contributors if you tell us if you'd consider moving away from home if the new destination could provide you with the course you want?
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    Yeah i am ready to go to anywhere in the world to get study. Pls suggest me some places to take M.S
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