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MS program vs. Job

  1. Sep 1, 2009 #1
    Hi Guys

    Actually, I've lately applied to a grad school to do a MS program in EE. However, I'm still confused whether to give up my job which is fairly good or pursue my MS studies. For information, I'm on a scholarship which is the core of attending a grad school. If i don't take this chance, it'll be gone. Guys, If you were my place, what would you do ?

    Any suggestions or comments welcomed.

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    Personally, I would go for it. I'm in a similar situation (see post about "Engineer" quitting).

    In this economy, I do not see much room for advancement in most situations, in most industries. At least not for a couple years. Why not remove yourself from the rat race of work, for now, and better yourself... for free! Think of it this way: How much do you think an MS degree will potentially increase your wages? How much do you think staying with your company for 2 years will potentially increase your wages?

    I'm planning on quitting, while the economy is craptastic, getting my degree, and hopefully in a couple of years when I have my degree the economy will have bounced back. And if it hasn't, than at least I am better prepared to get a better job.. hopefully.

    I'd go for it if I was you!
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    This particular opportunity may pass, but the opportunity to complete a masters degree will always be there.

    One of the factors you may want to consider is the stage in your life you're at right now. Are you married? Do you have kids to support? Of course advancing your education can increase your earning potential, but even if you're completely supported, you won't be bringing home too much money for a couple of years. Is that a hit you're willing to take? If you want to do it eventually, will it be better to do it now, or later on?

    Another factor to consider is the type of work you will do. Doing a masters degree often means research, or at the very least taking some advanced classes. This will advance your skills as an engineer and can act as a springboard for the kinds of projects that you're involved in. Are you happy with the kinds of projects you get right now? Do you want to do more?

    Finally, I think this is a situation where there is no "right" decision. There will be advantages/disadvantages to either route, so there isn't much point in second guessing yourself.
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    Thanks guys for ur feedbacks
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