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MS vs PhD in Robotics

  1. Oct 22, 2016 #1
    Hello everyone,

    To start, I found this forum incredibly helpful throughout my college education thus far. This forum has helped me pick my major in undergrad back in 2011, helped me narrow down which graduate program to gravitate toward upon graduation in 2015, and now I have a continued question in 2016. Thank you all for your advice, it is priceless.

    Now for my question. I have decided that I want to pursue graduate school in Robotics Engineering and believe I have narrowed down the schools I want to get into. I feel that a Masters would work best for me in this program, but have been encouraged my multiple folks that I should pursue a PhD instead. My questions are:

    1. For a particular college, is a Masters Degree identical with the first two years of a PhD program? I don't object to a PhD program, I could see myself doing it, I just am curious if I did choose a PhD, is it possible to switch to a Masters a year or so in without issues?

    2. Extension of question "1", are the first two years of PhD the identical classes in the same colleges Masters program? If so, for a Masters, I assume a person just graduates after 2 years, and for a PhD, you continue to take classes and research beyond what was offered for a Masters?

    3. I am sure funding varies depending on school, but in general, is funding about the same for those pursing Masters or PhD?

    Thanks everyone insight on these questions, and questions over the past few years. You guys have helped me out incredibly.

    - Alma
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  3. Oct 23, 2016 #2
    All valid questions. But you should be having this conversation directly with the pertinent program coordinators or department heads of the universities that interest you.
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