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MS Win XP Home Ed.

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    I am trying to clean out this computer. BTW it's my mom's so recommending a switch from XP has already been noted ;)

    C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files

    has crap in it that I want to delete. Its Properties window says it contains 60 files and 5 folders. However, only 15 files (and no folders) are shown in Explorer. What's the deal?
    I have tried searching specifically for the files I know are in there (which I want to delete), but the searches return nothing.
    I already have it set to show hidden files and folders. I even switched it to show protected OS files, but that didn't work either.

    So where are the 45 missing files? How can I get to them?
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    Does it have the original CD-ROM with windows XP on it?
    It may be like my box I bought a while ago has winXP home edition but no CD-ROM with the sofware on it. If something goes wrong you have to buy again the software from MS. It has the software in hidden files on the HD.
    Make sure you have a second drive and Ghost the first drive on the second drive; this way you don't lose the OS.
    Go in Windows Explorer click on Help and find out how to turn the hidden folders on and off.
    This way you can see the missing folders and files.
    Hope this helps.
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    Yes, I have the original CD.

    I already have everything set to show hidden files and folders. I have been trying Help- but it is no help, as usual ;)

    They don't even show up in a search- and I have the search set to search hidden files and folders.

    But I know these files are there. For one thing, ScanPest has found 5 of them. And the Properties window itself says there are 60 files and 5 folders inside. Plus, the files that are shown add up to only about half of the size of the entire file. Something is amiss.

    P.S. have IE version 6.0
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    That particular folder shows its contents in a rather strange way.

    Each "file" is actually a program containing 1 or more files. Right click on the program and click on properties. Then check the dependency tab and you have the list of files that is being counted in the folders properties window. But even this isn't a true reflection, since some of these files may not be in this folder at all.

    If you drop to the command window and go to the folder and type dir, you will come up with another number of files. I think this is probably the most accurate indication of how many files are there in that folder itself.

    As for deleting these, not sure what might happen, I wouldn't do it.


    K that was what my XP box led me to believe. Just checked my 2k box and the dependencies is way more. One thing they had in common though was that the dir in the cmd window returned 1 less file than the folder properties window in explorer. Still I wouldn't delete anything there, once you start doing that you may end up having to reinstall anyway.
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    I tried doing the similar thing to further get an idea on what you're trying to accomplish. It sounds to me like you went to your Program Files folder and you right click on a program (folder) then choose properties and realized that it doesn't show all the folders.

    Why would you want to delete them when they're fragmented parts of the program. Unless you're not using the program anymore, if you delete one of them then you won't be able to run it. You may lose everything and start from scratch.

    And believe me reformatting your entire hard drive is about as interesting as a Congressional hearing on farm subsidies.
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    I am right-clicking on the DPF folder itself, and then on "Properties". Today it says the folder contains 60 files and 7 folders.

    When I open the DPF folder, only 15 entries appear. It lists, among other things, the "status" of each entry (Installed, Unplugged, Unknown). I know what most of these are; one is Musicnotes- for sheet music, etc.

    Yes, I know not to delete anything until I am certain I know what it is. I should have said "files that I *might* want to delete" ;)

    My problem is that I cannot get to the files that I believe are there- malware- and the fact that I can't get to them makes me more suspicious. One of the files is C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\sahagent.exe

    Ah, thanks, I have done this and the files I'm looking for are not listed in this way either.

    Command window?? Do you mean open a DOS prompt? Er... whatever it's called.

    Thanks again :)
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    Yes, I also have CoolWWWSearch :devil:

    It's been a while since I worked in DOS (I think I was ~10). After a few failed attempts at guessing, I just did this


    but it doesn't list the Downloaded Program Files folder!! :cry: It lists all the other folders except the one I want!! What the #?$% is going on?
    Okay, :smile: is there another way I can get to DPF in DOS? It *is* in C:\WINDOWS.
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