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MS Word and keeping pasted text to original default format

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    MS Word and keeping pasted text to original default format....

    Is there a way I can just highlight text to turn into the original default font or is there a way I can stop MS Word from allowing the format of different texts to be applied to the original default?
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    I haven't used Word in forever, but if I recall correctly, when you paste the text, a box should appear in the lower right-hand corner of the text. Click on it, and a menu drops down with the option to use the formatting or to simply paste plain text, in whatever format the rest of the document is already in. That way, you can avoid having to undo the strange fonts and bullet-points or whatever else is normally imported with the text.
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    If I understand the problem correctly, here are 3 ideas
    • Paste special... unformatted text.
    • Paste to notepad, then copy-paste to Word.
    • Paste. Use format painter.
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