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hey this may be a foolish question .....but i want to know what is the unit used in Ms word for declare the of document borders ?what should i do if i want to have a particular border 10mm away from the page corner ?how can i convert so called unit "pt" to milimeters ......its huge question for me needed

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1 inch is equal to 72 points (pts), and 1 inch is equal to 25.4 mm, so there are roughly 3 points per mm.
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thanks is it possible to have a left margin=20mm and all the other 3 margins are 10 mm in A4 print out .......

10mm is not a problem i can use approx 28pts to represent it ,but 20 mm is not possible because max no of pts is 31 in Ms word margin ,,,,,,,,,am i correct ?/or is there any other method to do it?