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MSc. Bilogical Sciences-BITS,Pilani

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Ok , my entrance exams are over,
I am getting MSc.Biological Sciences and there is flexibility in my tech skool , to do ONE ENGINEERING COURSE (CIVIL/COMPUTERS/MECH/ELECTRONICS/IT)
along with any MSc. Course .So the whole dual degree will complete in five YEARS.The syllabus for MSc. Biological Sciences:

List of Courses Under BIO (Click on the course for its description)

General Biology
Biological Chemistry
Biology Project Laboratory
Developmental Biology
Cell Biology
General Physiology
Cell and Tissue Culture Technology
Instrumental Methods of Analysis
Introduction to Bioinformatics
Genetics and Molecular Biology
Genetic Engineering
Reproductive Physiology
Biochemical Engineering
Bioprocess Technology
Recombinant DNA Technology
Special Projects
Population and Quantitative Genetics
Molecular Mechanism of Gene Expression
Molecular Immunology
Interferon Technology
Biostatistics and Biomodelling
Neural Network Analysis
Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology
Membrane Biology
Environmental Biotechnology
Human Genetics
Membrane and Liposome Technology
Transgenic Technology
Cell & Tissue Culture Technology
Experimental Techniques
Plant Biotechnology
Protein and Enzyme Bioengineering
Gene Toxicology
Bioconversion Technology

So what do you people recommend , should I jump into this course? I am also interested in research....I am getting this course at BITS,Pilani (No.6 institute in INDIA)


Check the website .
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Weren't you taking MET in PEC?


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Ohh I'd take Biophysics and Neural Network Analysis
BITS Pilani is great. If you are interested in Biological Sciences, you should go for it.

However, you have not specified other options available to you. You must select, what you think is the best available option to you.
physics4ever said:
Weren't you taking MET in PEC?
I just got the news that I got selected in BITS Pilani. So not sure of joining PEC.

BITS Pilani is great...since you weren't keen on any particular branch of engineering, I think it would be a great option.
But I'm a little confused. Do you have to do CIVIL/COMPUTERS/MECH/ELECTRONICS/IT and then an M.Sc. in Biological Sciences? What do the two have to do with each other?

BITS Pilani has courses divided into 3 Groups:

Group A- Engg. Courses
Group B- MSc Courses
Group C- MSc.Tech Courses

BITS Pilani has an option that every Group B student can do a dual degree by taking one more course from GroupA which are the engg. courses . Assignment of branch in GroupA to Group B students will be made on the basis of their performance in first year.
Whole dual degree takes 5 years to complete.

There is one more flexibility , students enrolled in one of the MSc. courses and want to change their course to another course in the same Group can do so by getting a good CGPA in first year. That is by working hard in first year , I can get a good engg. branch as well as I can change my course from MSc. Bio-Sciences to MSc.Physics which is what I like.

First year is same for all students, whether GroupA/B/C students.In first year they teach basic phy/chem/math/bio to all students irrespective of their Group.Then on the basis of performance in forst year , Students can compete for other branches with each other.

This system ensures that even after entering BITS,Pilani , you keep competing , there's lot of hard work to be done by each students , even if someone have got the best branch, he has to fight for his branch.This is an Americn-education system.


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