1. Hi..

    Is anyone preparing for MSc in IIT? If so PLEASE write to me. Eagerly waiting for a favourable reply....

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  3. i'm in iit b thru jam-- what u wanna know?
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    Could you clarify what exactly the acronym MSC means?
  5. Masters in Science i think..
  6. It is Masters in Science.It should be written as MSc though.
  7. Hi


    I would like to know what are the preparations required for JAM?
  8. Typo!

    Sorry for the typo. It is "MSc".
  9. since u don't get to see previous yr's q. paper- i'd advise u to sit for as many competitive exams--e.g. JEST 2005, IISc, JNU entrance exam etc. as u can-- so that u get acquianted with their question types. exams r formula based-- i'm sorry to say u need to mug them up first!!! enroll for JEST immediately-- it's date may already be over-- after that there are some books which u'll have to go thru-- like griffiths, kleppner etc.
  10. imran

    yaa reshma.hai there.iam also preparing for iit jam(phy).if u r intrested u can mail me to :smile: byebye
  11. query about jam

    iam preparing for iit(jam) phy.can u kindly give me the books i have to go through...
    or u can just mail me to
    thanks for a lending hand. :smile:
  12. hi reshma

    I was searchin for info on iit jam and jnu exams. Would you mind sendin me info on these.
  13. WTF ! can't somebody ditch those acronyms?
  14. ooooooooooops


    its master of sciencs
    then indian institute of technology
    and joint admission test to MSc

    guess u dont have to b a rocket scientist to c whats for what

  15. jtbell

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    No, we jst hv to b indian! :rofl:
  16. hai reshma

    i am preparing please help me
  17. help me reshma
    i have no idea abt the exam
  18. i am waiting for ur reply
  19. ahhh ...are u sure..By the way i too an IITIAN..doing engg. in CSE but i hope Reshma will guide u better
  20. I am quite amused at the mixed responses I got in this thread. Anyway, this is a useful link for people interested in JAM:
    If anyone is over here is preparing for JAM, you can PM me. I wonder how much help I can be of since I'll be taking this exam only next year, anyway glad to be of any help.

    Also are there any IITians here who can be resourceful for students preparing for JAM?
  21. there is 1 more user:himanshu121 here who is in AerospaceEngg. in IIT K besides me
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