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MSc in Mathematical Statistics.

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    Hey all,

    I will soon be graduating with a MSc in Transportation Engineering. I'm currently writing my thesis, and probably by May 2010 will be done. However, I am unsure I am willing to go for a PhD, at least not in this field. During my time in my Master, I found out I can only do practitioner's work (use the models to predict travel demand and such), because I don't enjoy the transportation research. However, I did enjoy the high amount of mathematical statistics involved, so I decided maybe I should give another MSc a try (not a PhD because maybe I just hate research in general?), but this time in Stat.

    Does anyone has any opinion/advice? if not, which schools could you recommend for this?

    I, myself, have looked at three schools so far: OSU, Boston U, and U of Florida.
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