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MSE Minor Concentration

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    For an NE major, would a ceramics or metals emphasis be a better choice for a materials science minor? I don't start upper level NE courses until next semester, but I've already taken the prerequisite MSE intro course and want to enroll in an upper level MSE course also.

    I'm assuming polymers are out of the question.
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    One would probably want to do ceramics and metals, since there are applications for ceramics and metal alloys in a variety of nuclear applications. Nuclear power reactors are just one of many applications. There are many applications for neutrons and gamma radiation.

    I wouldn't discount polymers. We often see emerging technologies when we learn something new or better understand the science/physics.

    One important area of development these days is computational materials science/engineering in conjunction with computational multiphysics. A radiation field just adds one more layer of complexity to what would otherwise be a conventional (non-nuclear) multiphysics problem.
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